HQ Gastropub HB– Coast hwy near pier HB

A little off the beaten path of main st HB and its string of bars, is the newest, brightest, star addition to the local scene!– HQ Gastropub HB.  Big Al  has already paid 3 visits in a short span and come away impressed each time! The décor,menu, beer selections are plentiful and ambitious – soon to be very good im sure!~Window booths offer a view of coast hwy and the pier area, and inside décor features large globes, ample TV monitors, guitars,  and the most comfortable stools ive ever ever felt! now to the important things– food and beer!  a large menu featuring album covers contains such delicacies as fried pickles w dip. mmmm, short rib quesadillas, and short rib grilled cheese sandwiches in a soft good bread toasted, burgers, tacos, and much much more!! service is coming along, lol, aNd im sure will be fine in time but is friendly and eager! yes, I know big al will be back again and again and again! love that Stefani blond ale!!!


Homestyle Mexican  food done well! open 7-10 fri. sat 7-11 19620 Beach blvd.

bright,airy big bldg. counter order ample seating.. a definite cut above usual fast food type place! the word homestyle is the key word here…. very tasty Mexican food done as if just hot off the kitchen stove of a relative! yes, even your mom’s! Beans and rice especially stand out here wth that fresh , homey taste! burritos are ample enough without being overly stuffed! the meat is carefully cooked to your satisfaction! the chile sauce is hot without burning your taste buds or being too tame! I didn’t expect the drinks to follow this lead but .. my horchata , rice drink was absolutely the best I ever had! I told the server and he remarked ohhh we make that every day fresh~ no fake bottled stuff or canned here! Miguel’s jr. is located right near beach blvd ; you cant miss it and don’t miss it if you ever want good, but fast Mexican food. I heard the family owned business started in corona area? and quickly spread…. with out losing the magic!! do yourself a favor and head out to Miguel’s jr.  again.,.. if you want homestyle but fast food done Mexican style!


Looking for a unique and very good drinking and dining experience? I have THE CURE for you!Located in a warner ave strip mall next to old regal theater is The Cure!advertised as Cal-Asian cuisine.. the Cure offers fresh and tasty herb filled food and meats along with local popular beers and wines and specialty coctails for your pleasure! a social hour menu from 3 to 6 offers specials in food and drinks! not to leave out the Sunday brunch… how about a salmon benedict or steak n eggs! or oc French toast.. mmmm … proof of a different menu are items not usually featured in most local spots such as lumpia,lamb meatballs, crispy spring rolls, short ribs, tacos witrh braised short ribs , or drunken wings anyone??? Drinkers will be happy with local brews or creative coctails.  The staff such as Joyce the smiley helpful server are all eager to please you! The interior  is as classy as the establishment.. greys and blacks and wood yet comfortable.  As Big Al said.. looking for something unique and good? Try… The Cure!! They will take care of you!!!

CRUISERS! 210 5th st. Huntington Beach

A a site formerly Imolas, formerly fifth st bar, formerly shed is a first class pizza sports bar and grill… Cruisers! featuring Chicago style food, pizza, and food  done with enthusiasm, great service, and good food! With attentive managing this location should be fine for this type of establishment. Pizza, of course , is the specialty here either done deep dish , Chicago style, or thin crust the taste and texture are definitely first class! Ingredients are ample and varied… pepperoni, jalapeno, bacon, chicken, mushrooms, peppers, onions .. you name it they’ve got it! Big al tried an Italian sandwich  with beef, peppers, and melted white cheese… ohhh table slappin good! don’t want fries or feel guilty or healthy? no problem! you can order asparagus spears  which are delicious and slightly crunchy not droopy! You want to make up your own pizza? no worries.. you can choose basic tomato and cheese then add additional ingredients for 1.95 each! appetizers such as guacamole, tenders, and multiple kinds of fries are there for your enjoyment! Football season is approaching soooo look for early 9 am opening! especially you Cowboys fans who have been looking for a great place to  hang!!! Big Al says please give Cruisers a try! YOu”ll be back for more!!


Two for tea?? or coffee or smoothies?? well, 4 Seasons in five points Huntington Beach is the place for you! Big Al saw a big sign saying just open and had to try it out! and boy was I glad I did! no need now to drive all the way to bolsa ave and little Saigon for an authentic Vietnamese tea or a special boba smoothie  no sir!! I tried an avocado blast made of course with fresh avocado and boba added and wow what a pleasant surprise! smooth and tasty without being too sweet or bland. the server also gave me a taste of Vietnamese coffee and ohhh ill be having many of these! available for your palate are such delicasies as sweetie lychee with lychee tea, diamond jelly, basil seeds and lychee jelly. how about a winter snow with jasmine milk tea, boa, and crystal pearl.  Feel like yogurt? try mango, peach guava or strawberry! so cool and tasty on a hot day! yes, welcome to 4 seasons tea! thank you for coming here to Huntington Beach!









7451 warner ave Huntington beach Ca. near ocean view High
If you want a real ice cream treat Bruster’s is your place! I patiently waited as four people ahead of me in line pored over the list of flavors trying to decide which to order.Eagerly I scanned the flavors used for cups of ice cream, sundaes, shakes, and even blasters! Finally, I elected a regular size cup which consisted of 3 yes 3 ! different flavors! chocolate irish cream, peanut buttercrunch, and cherry vanilla. OHHHH what a smooth, creamy, delicious combination! I enjoyed every last spoonful! Bryan and Haley , the servers were so friendly and smiley and were quick to tell me to wear my jammies a certain day so I could get a free scoop of ice cream!! I strongly urge you to hurry on down to Bruster’s real ice cream jammies or no jammies!!!


An Up and Comer! If youre looking for a nice, airy, open , classy place with varied coctails and well cooked tri tip , grilled bacon and much more then head for Seasalt located in long strip mall with Walmart and big lots across from beach blvd. The pecan buttered pancakes served on weekends literally melt in your mouth! The tri tip hash and steak and eggs are perfectly fired up and tasty! Big Al chose the 2x2x2 breakfast with thick bacon, eggs, and pancakes. Yum !Yum! The bartender, Travis is attentive and classy with expertise loving working at his craft! Want dessert? well , how about blueberry crumbcake or a huge seasalt and caramel cinnamon roll served in a skillet… wow! absolutely delicious! Yes, its noisy but a friendly , happening noise and enjoyable. as I walked to the restroom I couldn’t help but notice t he wall covered in real pennies one by one glued on the wall! yes, ill go back to seasalt probably to the bar area with the large windows facing their pits outside the windows.. and I even got to watch a little football on one of their large screens at the bar. Seasalt deserves your visit! See you there! big al


Big al returned to SESSIONS since I was in the HB pier area for an airshow recently. Located directly across the street from the pier area is this incredible little deli with delicious sandwiches and salad of many varieties. featuring over 20 varieties of sandwiches and salads for your eating pleasure, big al chose a breakfast sandwich with a large soft homemade bun filled with guacamole , peppers, plenty of scrambled eggs and one of the best sausage patties ive ever tasted! my coffee drink complimented my meal perfectly and I remembered why I came back to this little deli and deserved to do a short rewrite to make sure more folks come in and enjoy this incredible treat of a deli across the pier. Please come in and say Big al sent you!! You’ll be so glad you did!!

Tiny but Mighty TASTE of Brazil!

TASTE=1993 bEACH BLVD. Huntington bEACH cA.
Nestled in a corner near a sports bar and a tattoo parlor is TASTE… a delightful little gem featuring Brazilian foods and snacks. Why not start with salgadinho or snack food? small little bites of tasty appetizers such as cheese balls mmmmm delicious! Feel like chicken parmesan? Youre in the right place!plentiful and oh so tasty and filling! You can tell the places that are family owned. The staff is so warm and genuinely friendly and eager to please! You still can order more meaty like dishes such as steak or roast chicken with sides if youre extra hungry! Yes, Big Al strongly recommends TASTE. pLEASE COME in and say Big Al sent you!

THAT’S AMORE–For a truly fine,Italian dining experience!

Peter’s Landing 16400 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, ca.

Big Al’s friend, Anna, insisted I try this new Italian restaurant. After dining there recently I felt that That’s Amore provided a truly fine dining experience I would recommend to anyone! the atmosphere is large, airy and comfortable.  As soon as our antipasti choice arrived I knew we were in for a special treat!–a large selection of deli meats, cheeses, peppers, and olives– almost a meal in itself! I wanted to try something out of the ordinary so I chose as my main dish the Ragu Di Cinghiale–pappardelle pasta with a wild boar ragu. oH! sooo tasty! and meaty too! my friend opted for the more traditional lasagna and offered me a taste…ill have to admit… one of the best lasagnas ive ever had! If you have room for dessert traditional tiramisu is available as well as tortas and a delicious cool lemoncello which I had to try and mmmm worth the extra calories! Yes, there are many other Italian places to eat , but if you are looking for a truly fine, satisfying , and special place for that extra special occasion…. THAT’S AMORE!